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Dear Staff: Promotion

Dear Staff,

It is with much pleasure that I inform you of your promotion! After reviewing the staff you are now the Registrar, Sales Director, Janitor, Receptionist and Security Guard.

Now I know it sounds like a handful but I trust that with your determination and ability to juggle loads of tasks at once you will do just fine. And if you get mad...blame it on your co-workers who have jumped ship!

I congratulate you with a cognac toast from my yacht in St. Tropez. Now go forth and sell some art!!! hahahah! See you in Fall 2015.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alphabet Potato: the letter U

Now, this is a very important letter and can stand for a ton of really serious and meaningful things like...


and so on...

Alphabet Potato: the letter OMGeeeee



you know this has happened to you...
One moment you are trying to explain your story with an innocent arm gesture and the next that drink you spent your lunch & dinner money on (and cab $ to pay the tip) is all ovah the mofo place.

It just makes me barf!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear Staff: Appearance

Dear Staff,

On my recent visit to some German galleries I noticed how sharp and smart everyone looked. No matter what they were saying to me I ended up leaving impressed. I think it was because they were all wearing these really chic glasses (see enclosed box).

Starting right now every member of our gallery staff is required to wear a pair. I think it will really make us look more intelligent dont you? (that's not really a question hahah).

The beer gardens here are amazing, due to some promising deals I am extending my stay for a few more months.


Night out...

I feel like this somehow could have happened last night... but then again...

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yakk Yakk Yakk...

Dont you hate it when this happens? You just want to enjoy your martini and not think about things....


Dear Staff: Unrealistic Expectations

Dear Staff,

How's everyone doing? What's going on? Okay enough small talk...

How come I haven't seen any SOLD emails from you guys (ugh...okay LADIES too) lately?

I've been working my ass off dancing at gay bars, making out with director's wives, and pinching model tushies. I bring results to the table and I expect you do to do the same!!!!

Get out there! Meet some rich gay dudes! Find old ladies that need CPR but stay away from the models. I am an expert in that field so it's best to let me handle that.

Anyway...I look forward to some RESULTS okay?

Your Boss

Yay Putri is da best!!!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crazy Lady Solution


It's time someone invented the "Go Away Crazy Lady" spray...

Turd Thursday

This priceless jem here is from my dear friend J.

Sigh...True Potato style!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alphabet Potato: the letter Eeeee

For Molly's wedding!!!

I've been a bad Potato...neglecting my site. SIGH!!! SORRY!!!

More Tatter adventures coming up I promise!!

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Emergency Post: Adult Alphabet

Tonight's breaking false news inspired the following adult alphabet post.

M is for M@$thr fking mad
K is for "I'm gonna KUT that b$*&h"

Anyone who stands in the way of Potato and Team Eric better get ready for some unpleasantness. LOL...

Bloody Monday

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow!!!

*image courtesy guest contributor James

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Potato the Alphabet

As many of you know, I'm not from 'around here.'

Being as such, I have a hard time with the alphabet.
Every few days I will post some helpful words/images to help me organize all the letters (but not always in order).

Here is a little preview, and feel free to email me suggestions!

Dear Staff: Automated

Dear Staff,

As of today we will be using an automated service to communicate with one another. Most, your BOSS.

Button One is the "Morale" button. I have recorded some of the chants I've had the privileged to hear during my travels through Nepal, Bali, Miami and of course Mykonos. Example: "You are a wonderful being full of light, take that light and make us some money." And so on. You get the picture (now go sell it ha-ha!).

Button Two is for those days when you feel like your coworker is slacking off. Just record their name and time of slacking and I'll get right on it.

Button Three is for all your other concerns. You will hear silence for a few moments, feel free to voice whatever it is you wish to express, and then the ring tone. It's really just for you to feel like someone is THERE FOR YOU.

I think this system will work well for us. Mainly it will free me up to travel the world while you toil away.

Back to work my little work bee's!! See you in 2012!!!
Boss Man

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

True Blood: ...Maryann Lives a bit longer...snooze!!!

Let's recap from this past Sunday's episode shall we?


Jason rescues us again...

Team Eric though took a serious hit with this number.

Dress?? Gun??


...more tomorrow (sigh).

Mmmm Carrots

For Dinner 2nite!