Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Re: dishes

Dear Staff

As a cost cutting measure we have discontinued the use of water at the gallery (the toilet will still be functioning …please read special instructions below).

Bob the Scribe came up with an ingenious solution to our rising costs of operation. Let the rain wash the dishes!!! As you can tell Bob has taken it upon himself to set an example and the first load is already on the windowsill and is being ‘washed.’

Yes, yes, it might take some time and getting used to but just think of our Carbon Footprint!!! And the planet, and stuff.

Oh it would be great to maybe get a ‘dishes’ intern as we don’t want them just sitting out there giving other galleries ideas. Also for when clients come in. I don’t want them adding their dishes to our load.

As for utensils, please deposit them into the toilet at the end of day. Bob will be closing up the gallery and will remember to flush, and in turn ‘wash,’ them.

Take care!

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