Tuesday, June 23, 2009

re: computers

Dear Staff,

After much contemplation it seems that we cannot run a respectable, and profitable, business without the use of 'computers.'
Due to the rising cost of electricity (I mean common!!! right???) Bob the Scribe has come up with an ingenious solution!

Please find power converting bikes attached to your stations. As you pedal away your stress, hangovers, broken hearts and empty wallets, the bike will convert all that into a usable form of energy which will power your computers. How incredible is Bob? What an asset. He would like you to note that this should all work in 'theory' so you might have to pedal away for some time but I mean ... it's not like anything is really happening right?

Sending you happy thoughts and well wishes (please dont email me about your outstanding commissions, we shall discuss when I come back in December of 2010),
Your boss from Rehab

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